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What is Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir?

"Simply wipe on, wait, and wipe off", is all that's required to remove white water marks or heat blush, and clean, protect, and restore the beauty and value of your wood and antique furniture.

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir is a powerful cleaner and protector, but also solves many more serious furniture finish problems without the need for refinishing.

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir will remove white water marks, often with just one application. Simply apply Wood Elixir to the white water mark ... ... wait 15 minutes, letting Dr. Woodwell to do the work ... ... then wipe off and buff with a clean cloth!

How to Remove White Water Marks and Heat Blush in
Just 1 Step

  • Apply Wood Elixir generously to the area to be treated ... wait ... do not rub.
  • Let Dr. Woodwell do the work. Wipe lightly with a lint-free cloth. Wait at least 15 minutes before buffing.
  • If a second treatment is required, repeat as above. Only the most severe white water damage will require the use of steel wool. Use #0000 extra-fine steel and rub lightly with Wood Elixir in the direction of the grain. Please note that abrasives should not be used on high gloss finishes.

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Wood Elixir is Furniture Medicine

In addition to removing heat blush and white water marks, Wood Elixir can clean and restore many common wood finish problems:

  • dull finish
  • surface scratches
  • tin toys
  • toll painting
  • old decals,transfers
  • dehydrated finish
  • lettering
  • logos
  • combination materials i.e. metal,
  • wood, leather
  • brass
  • rust
  • oxidized paint
  • crayon
  • candle wax
  • ink
  • oil-based stains
  • lipstick
  • finger prints
  • smoke film
  • soot
  • smoke smell
  • water-based stains
  • silicone polish residue
  • wax polish build-up
  • magic marker
  • grease pencil
  • lead pencil
  • label removal
  • gum
  • mildew
  • mold
  • mildew smell
  • paint splatters
  • latex or alkyd
paint smears
  • oil
  • tape
  • adhesives
  • cigarette burns
  • scorching
  • wicker
  • rattan
  • pet urine
  • crazed/alligator finish
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The Dr. Woodwell Story

The late Murray Westbrook, known as "Dr. Woodwell" in the antique business, was born in Toronto, Canada in 1943. He moved from Toronto to the quiet area of St. Thomas, Ontario in 1989, prepared to be actively retired. The activity was the revitalization of the Historic Hamlet of Sparta, which included opening “Victorian Times Antiques and Art”, a retail antique shop. Being a student of antiquities and a wood-working hobbyist with an interest in Victorian furniture, Murray took to the auctions as a source of supply for his store.

Here was the conundrum: the finish on used furniture is frequently in such poor condition as to require refinishing. But, refinishing is expensive and the old finish is more valuable than a new finish. Consequently, you can spend money refinishing and actually REDUCE the value of the piece. What to do?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if there was one product that would solve a multitude of problems?
  • Better still, one solution to solve the problems that I don't know what they are or what caused them?
  • Better, better still, this same solution will solve problems that I don't understand and at the same time will help prevent the problem from re-occuring!

"Dr. Woodwell" busied himself with that challenge and, in 1995, came up with the concoction known as Wood Elixir. In Murray's words, "This is a valuable product and I would like very much for you to give me the opportunity to prove it to you. It won’t take long. Results are often instant and always lasting."

Want to know more? Visit WoodElixir.com for more product information, or view the Wood Elixir Directions for Use.

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Wood Elixir - 8 oz. Bottle

Cleans - Revives - Restores - Protects

One 8 oz. bottle is enough to tackle several small to medium antique and furniture pieces!

Price: $16.95

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir - 8 oz. Bottle

Wood Elixir - 16 oz. Bottle

Cleans - Revives - Restores - Protects

Best value - twice as large as the regular 8 oz. bottle!

Price: $26.95

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir - 16 oz. Bottle

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How Wood Elixir Works

How Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir works
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Our Customers Say ...

I received my bottle of Wood Elixer a few days ago and was able to use it yesterday on a few pieces of very old and very dry antique furniture. It works beautifully! I know I will be back for more. It is, by far, the best wood product I have every used and I have searched for years to find a really good product. Thanks so very much.

Rosalind B.

I have used your product to help restore a 1918 vintage dining room set. It is wonderful!

Mary M.

I learned of your products from a wood fixer / wood re-finisher friend a couple of years ago. I asked what his secret was that he used to bring "life" back to the wood - and he showed me your product. Then I got to see it work right before my eyes!

That was a few years ago - and now my sister and I own and run a furniture consignment store. As we would get product in - new, old and everything in between - I found that mere dusting was just not getting the job done. Then I remembered your product - ordered some and have been bringing the "life" back to these wonderful pieces ever since!

It is not only the self-satisfaction that I get in seeing the transformation of the before & after - but, we are able to see our product for its true value. I tell all of our customers about your product ...

Joyce H.

I am a return customer - your product is fantastic! I've been able to almost completely restore my great-great-great grandmother's fumed oak table and chairs thanks to you.

Elizabeth C.

Dear Sir,

I recently found a bottle of the Woodwell cleaner under my kitchen sink (I have no idea where it came from or who left it here!!). I was getting my house ready for sale and was frantically cleaning my grandmother's 1920 vintage dining room set, saw the bottle and started to work. I was absolutely amazed - the sideboard had several scratches and water marks from her "forgetful" years of overwatering violets. I always kept it covered with a runner, figuring that one day I would be able to have it refinished. After just one application of the product, I could not believe how different this beautiful piece of furniture looked! I have since removed the runner!

Deborah S.

Earlier today, I used the Wood Elixir and it is just wonderful - thank you. I had an old Welsh dresser of my mother's which I was always thinking I would need to get repolished - but not now. You have given me a lot of work though - I am going around doing everything including those two new antiques I told you about (the Louis console table with carvings and the leather top and a Sheridan revival sideboard).

I am thrilled with the results - it smells and looks like a mixture that I was using, but this is so much better.

Judyth S.

I can't believe how well your stuff worked. Thanks.

William P.

My daughter and I have used your product which I found on the internet and were amazed at the results. She is now living in Japan and has restored several antique pieces with much success. As you see, I am ordering enough for my son, daughter, and myself. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Dianne B.

Two years ago I purchased a mahogany chest for my bedroom at an antique store. The owner of the store had your product and recommended it for bringing the finish back up on the antique. It was excellent.

A few months later I had a dinner party and my antique refinished mahogany dining room table had heat damage. I almost died and was in tears. I poured your Elixir on my table and it removed the heat mark.

When I ran out of your product I attempted to locate it but the original antique store I went to was no longer in business. We drove to St. Thomas in an attempt to get more of your product. We were sold something else that did not work. Finding your site on the internet is a god-send as I love it. I'm ordering enough to last me a while. Many thanks.

Stella P.

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