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Wood Elixir cleaned and restored the original beauty of this antique incubator with just one application.

Use Wood Elixir for ...

  • dull finish
  • surface scratches
  • heat blush
  • white water marks
  • oxidized paint
  • crayon
  • candle wax
  • ink
  • oil-based stains
  • smoke film
  • soot
  • smoke smell
  • water-based stains
  • silicone polish residue
  • wax polish buildup
  • magic marker
  • grease pencil
  • lead pencil
  • label removal
  • gum
  • mildew
  • mold
  • mildew smell
  • lipstick
  • finger prints
Wood Elixir was recommended in Style at Home Magazine
  • paint splatters
  • latex or alkyd paint smears
  • oil
  • tape
  • adhesives
  • cigarette burns
  • scorching
  • wicker
  • rattan
  • tin toys
  • toll painting
  • old decals, transfers
  • dehydrated finish
  • lettering
  • logos
  • combination materials i.e. metal, wood, leather
  • brass
  • rust
  • pet urine
  • crazed/alligator finish
  • and much, much more!
Wood Elixir was featured on HGTV Canada's 'Room Service'

Our Customers Say ...

"My wife, an experienced refinisher, was mightily impressed with the way Wood Elixir transformed the pieces we needed it for. So well pleased, in fact, that I had to visit Southworks again today, where I bought the last package of Elixir on display! Thanks."
Glen, ON

"Received Dr. Woodwell as a gift last year. Hesitated to use it but WOW what a product. Best restorer I've ever used."
Michael, MD

"I used my first order and I love this stuff. It even restored my kitchen cabinet where it was burned in a grease fire. Goes a long way. Thanks."
Eileen, TX

"This product does amazing things to furniture, I am impressed."
Helen, ON

"I have become one of your products greatest fans and I certainly will promote this product."
Gene, Duke's Antiques, ON

"I sell more WOOD ELIXIR than any other single product in my store."
Brian, Grayís Hardware

"I resisted for two years because I knew that nothing would do what Wood Elixir claimed to do. Now I know it does. Thanks Murray."
M. Toppel,
"The Furniture Man", ON

"Iíve been dealing in antiques for 25 years and tried every product out there. This is it!"
Dan, Talbot Trail Antiques

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